Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Dark Confession: The Sin of Gluttony

     Yesterday I realized something. I spend more time talking about, researching, and buying comics than I do reading them. Before you even think it, yes I realize that the problem of having too much to read, too many great things to choose from, isn't really a problem. I recently wrote about hoarding in an earlier blog post, but that is a different than what I’m writing about today. 
     Sadly, my trade & graphic novel shelf I've only read half of and yet I continue to find and buy more books everyday that I want to read and add to this ever growing pile. This doesn't account for digital comics, back issue comics, magazines and it goes on from there. This isn't a new occurrence, the need to own everything that has the potential to bring great entertainment, great understanding and experience amazing work is a drive I feel constantly.

     I know the answer is to stop, enjoy what I have, that nothing is going anywhere and there is no one to answer to if I don't read something. Yet here I am. I find myself wondering if this is a larger problem endemic in our society. That we have such a consumer driven culture that we never can enjoy the moment because there is more and more to take in. Or is this something that only I feel, and need to find inner peace in individual moments? I find that I have such enthusiasm for something initially, and once I’ve begun to sate that desire to experience a creators work, there is something else that I find out about that pulls me away and starts the cycle anew. I have no clear answer, only questions, and that next book I need to read.