Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Review: I Kill Giants

I had the honor of getting to write another collaborative review over at Comics Bulletin on the Graphic Novel "I Kill Giants". Check it out if you have a chance and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Indy Commitment

I find myself often wondering why more fans of comics don't read more creator owned titles over series from the Big Two. I know there are some obvious answers like:
 they know the characters, they want to read Spider-Man or Superman or Batman etc. I've heard the argument that people don't want to commit to an indy book if it’s going to just end in the middle of the story. But all the arguments I've heard make me feel that the people who actively shun creator owned titles are just lazy or willfully ignorant comics fans. I don't say this to be combative or derisive, well, maybe I do a little, but committing to independent books is the best thing you can do as a fan of comic books and here's why.  
If you read comic books; you love the infinite possibilities the medium can explore. Literally anything can happen, the limitation being only that of what the creator can imagine. Unless it’s a corporate owned property, then the limit is what Editorial, Legal and Management impose. Independent books allow a creator to fully express their vision, and often time, make a better experience for you as the reader. Still, these books often don't get the recognition, publicity or attention they deserve, and can end prematurely because of it. Readers don't want to commit to a book that will end without notice or resolution. I understand that argument, it’s also the argument for waiting for trade collections, but it’s an argument that feels false to me. A book you enjoy you should buy because you like it. We can’t live in fear of what will come tomorrow and not live for the day.
Another argument I hear is that creator owned books don't have familiar characters or worlds that they know like the super hero universes of the Big Two. To me, this is an argument for creator owned books, not against.  Sure it’s more work getting to know new characters and new worlds but at the same time it’s a brand new place to explore and learn about.  Isn't discovery core to the enjoyment of visual and written media?
I don't want to make this a post about how mainstream books are bad and independent books are good. There is good to be found in both places. I think independent books often require more commitment than mainstream books, but it’s a commitment that often comes with bigger and better rewards too. Do yourself a favor and do the work to find these books. Your imagination will thank you for it!