Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creator Rememberance Day

We are lucky to live in a time where the comics we have available to us are plentiful, amazing and accessible. This shared loved of this medium wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the dedicated and talented men and women of the past that worked to create and deliver to us the comics of our youth, or our parents youth, or their parents youth. This has gotten me thinking: Is there a day where we as a community band together and share our love and memory of the creators or industry pioneers that are no longer with us? A creator "remembrance" day in essence? 

I couldn't find anything like it in my research so I have a proposal. On the second Wednesday of February every year we take to our social media sites, our local comic stores, our places of gathering where we talk and share comics, and take the time to talk about a creator that you have discovered in your comics reading, one who was influential in forming your love for comics, and tell people why they made an impact on your life. I think it’s important to share and keep alive the memory of the people that got us where we are today, and by doing so maybe exposing another comics fan to a creator they aren't familiar with. My remembrance this year goes to:

Jack Kirby. I know most if not all comics fans know about Mr. Kirby & his contributions to the comics industry, but this last year I have been reading more of his work that I ever had before. I have been learning just how important and prolific he was in his life and how comics wouldn't be the same without his work. I have found such joy in reading his works and appreciate comics in a completely new way after being exposed to some of the amazing creations he made.

Who would you want us to remember this year? What effect did they have on your comics reading life? I look forward to hearing your remembrances and sharing your memories of the creators that helped form your love of comics who are no longer with us.