Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year In Review [2012]

It feels almost obligatory that at the end of the year everyone writes their best of lists. Instead of boring you with a long list of things I loved, that you probably loved too, I wanted to just post my "top ten" picks of 2012 along with my all ages pick and graphic novel pick.

#1 The Secret History Of DB Cooper
#2 Saga
#3 Manhattan Projects
#4 Prophet
#5 Mind MGMT
#6 Hell Yeah
#7 Hawkeye
#8 Danger Club
#9 Peter Panzerfaust
#10 Ragemoor

- Best Graphic Novel - The Underwater Welder
- Best All Ages - Cowboy

That's it. Please check out these books if you didn't read them this year, I promise that you wont be disappointed. 

Now onto what I really wanted to say:

2012 was a big year for me. I made a ton of great friends and talked A LOT of comics. I hope that 2013 brings me even more friends and even more comics. This community means so much to me, its great to have a group of people that  I can talk about my passion with who have that same passion. 2012 brought our family the start of a new addition to our super hero team, in 2013 they will be officially inducted into our justice society! I cant wait to meet them and find out what super powers they posses (I suspect super-sonic screaming and toxic poop attack). As much as I'm tempted to do a long post about all the amazing things that happened this year and how much you all mean to me I'll keep it brief. Thank you all for your friendship and I look forward to many more years of talking comics with you all!

In 2013 my wish for you is that all your comics be variants, and all your long boxes be filled to the brim!