Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Favorite Genre - Infinite Possibilities

     Just a quick musing this week about my favorite genera of literature, science fiction. Of all the types of books, TV, movies we have to choose from, science fiction has always been the most stimulating and enjoyable to me. It’s for this reason that comic books, not just "science fiction" comics are so special and exciting. Comics have the ability to be a romance comic, yet still retain the fantastical, the absurd and the majestic while being considered to be locked into a certain subtype. Furthermore as a younger person, reading super hero comics to me was no different than a lot of science fiction books I was reading. These people, alien's, super beings were all science fiction master pieces and helped grow my imagination beyond our world out to the stars.
     These days my science fiction options are more plentiful than ever. My favorite comics on the shelf, The Manhattan Projects, Prophet, Hell Yeah, and Saga are all pure science fiction stories. But even a new favorite like The Rocketeer with its 1930's themed story line and retro feel has that feeling of sci fi, that anything is possible, can and probably will happen. Comics in general embody that spirit of science fiction. The medium lends itself to be without restraint, the only limit being what your mind can imagine. Its science fiction that brought us to the moon, to mars, eventually to the stars and the universe. 
     What is your favorite type of comics? Why? What works we're most formative for you growing up and what keeps you dreaming now?